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St. Elias Catholic Church was established in 1997 when 15 families of a Lebanese origin have decided to put hands together and build a house of worship where they all come alongside to pray and praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

All of them contributed to bring this dream to reality, in a variety of ways from the contribution of funds, time, and/or effort, the one combining factor was love. These 15 families who began their worship over 2 decades ago have managed to develop and grow the church’s community to over 150 families who come to pray every Sunday and participate in many of the church’s endeavors and events.

The official opening of the church was blessed by the Bishop of Australia and NZ Melkite Catholic Church, Issam Darwish, and attended by Bishop Yousef Mansour from the Melkite Catholic, Father Joseph Charbel from the Maronite church in Sydney, and Father Hassan Nusseir the Parish Priest for the St. Elias Church at that time.

Our Church takes pride in its diversity as it became a safe haven for many Christians from the Middle East, including Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Assyrians, Palestinians, Armenian, Jordanians, and New Zealanders with Arabic roots, all are welcome to worship the Lord in the St. Elias Catholic Church.


To date, the church had witnessed 94 baptisms and 11 Weddings.

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